Saturday, 15 October 2011

Dandy Gentlemen Shoot

SG Movements first official photo shoot.

For this, we decided to use the decor and atmosphere of the vintage store in Brick lane as a a backdrop to our shoot. We happened to have the sun on our side although time and inexperience was still against us. Haphazardly sourcing clothes from our own wardrobes we set out on the task at hand.

The Gent

The concept

Shot in one of London's "Trendiest" places in London we felt the need to showcase if you will, the fantastic little yet mighty store, 'The Vintage Store' on Brick lane, a stones-throw away from Shoreditch Highstreet Station.

We have been coming to this shop for a very long time now and are never leave empty handed, It's common to see shoppers fight the temptation to enter the subtle understated allure of the shop, but in vain, always leaving with a bag or five.

Photographer: Ntando Brown
Model: Richard Kolapo-Ajala

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Love lounge (Part I)

Love lounge is a bi-monthly event that takes place all around London in various club areas.
As you might have suspected the music is based around feelings of the heart which will inevitably include, R'n'B, Soul, Indie amongst the comedians, spoken word artists and poets.

Guitar Acoustic Set

This particular Sundays Love lounge was at Plan B based in the multi ethnic community of Brixton. A whole range of artists came down to perform in a full house including names like Shadrack and cynthia Erivo.

The Poets

Cynthia Erivo & Co.

Mr. Disfits were undoubtedly my highlight of the night the soulful duo performed a high energy rock set over the sounds of a live band to end the night.

Two halves of Mr Disfit

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Blitz Press Opening (Part I)

Before any explanation I have to say, this is picture is a favourite of mine without a shadow of a doubt.

Blitz..... The largest and as far as I know, the only vintage department store in london, based in what I would say a a rather fitting destination, just off Brick lane on Hanbury Street. This magical place of wonderful hand-picked vintage clothing, appliances, furniture, bikes etc never ceases to amaze me on the kind of stock it manages to acquire.
In a nutshell, its 'one in a million’ and so the Blitz team decided a opening press party would be fitting for such a shop.

The opening was full of wine and character, the perfect concoction for a successful evening. The well-dressed couple above were believe it or not DJ’ing and had me wiggling throughout the night with songs I forgot existed.

The atmosphere was warm and friendly to the point where you would think everyone had known each other before hand. The drinks were flowing and the buzz didn’t cease from beginning to end. Literally until the last man left the shop.

The night was a giant success and really gave people a chance to see the kind of potential Blitz has as shop and a where people can come, relax and have a laugh with the laid-back yet helpful staff that work there.

It is and will always be a force to be reckoned with by the looks of it.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

This Is An Introduction

Ntando Brown (Nostalgic Nomad)& Omogbolahan Kolapo-Ajala (Colourless Chameleon).

Both studying in the creative fields.

Richard(Omogbolahan)- I'm going to be studying my 1st year at London College of Fashion (UAL) in september to do Fashion Design & Technology Menswear. I also do some styling and photography on the side.

Ntando Brown- I am going to be studying my 1st year at Portsmouth University studying Entertainment technology. On the side I am doing photography and videography for various events and shops.

This is a joint venture blog. The direction of the blog is still evolving and we are open to whatever comes our way. Expect posts centred around Fashion, Music, Arts, Poetry, Film but above all being Sui Generis.

You can keep up with us on twitter & feel free to comment and share our posts.

- su·i ge·ne·ris/ˌso͞oˌī ˈjenərəs/-

Thursday, 18 August 2011


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