Thursday, 29 September 2011

This Is An Introduction

Ntando Brown (Nostalgic Nomad)& Omogbolahan Kolapo-Ajala (Colourless Chameleon).

Both studying in the creative fields.

Richard(Omogbolahan)- I'm going to be studying my 1st year at London College of Fashion (UAL) in september to do Fashion Design & Technology Menswear. I also do some styling and photography on the side.

Ntando Brown- I am going to be studying my 1st year at Portsmouth University studying Entertainment technology. On the side I am doing photography and videography for various events and shops.

This is a joint venture blog. The direction of the blog is still evolving and we are open to whatever comes our way. Expect posts centred around Fashion, Music, Arts, Poetry, Film but above all being Sui Generis.

You can keep up with us on twitter & feel free to comment and share our posts.

- su·i ge·ne·ris/ˌso͞oˌī ˈjenərəs/-